The Best Season To Visit London

Summer is probably the high season for London, where most tourists
Flooding in the city. Much depends on the time, but it is nice, summer is probably the best time to visit London.
July is usually sunny and the city prepares for the City of London Festival of Music and Theatre, Covent Garden Festival, the Wimbledon tennis tournament and concert in Hyde Park this summer. Eric Clapton is coming in June with Sheryl Crow and John Mayer play at Hyde Park. August is probably the busiest month of the summer – Notting Hill Carnival, the millions of people around the world and the place attracts the Hyde Park Proms – these two events are the price of the hotel. Hotel in central London are quite possible, travel to places such as Proms in Hyde Park or walk fast.
Fall is a good time to visit London. Theatre must be on a new line of shows and events both.
Winter is not bad in London. The atmosphere is cheerful as Christmas approaches and the city seems nice if it does not rain. It is good in December, after most of the hotels for less travel, but the atmosphere changed drastically – people have post-Christmas blues.
It is nice to stay in a hotel in central London, to avoid any time of year over long distances and spend much time in pipes or underground.