Smart Protection of Your Car with a Bug Shield

Have you ever had an experience that your windshield gets clouded over by bug splatter?

Do you know the best way to protect your car from stone chips and bug stains? Unfortunately, small pieces of debris can cause damage when you drive your car in high speed. You can install a bug shield on the front of the hood. It can limit the amount of insects and other debris hitting your windshield and hood by creating a slipstream effect that pushes the insects or debris over the top of the car.

You have to find a bug shield carefully because it must fit properly with your car to create the right amount of aerodynamics. It can be installed easily in 15 minutes and can be mounted with special fasteners or special tape.  You can find many options of bug shield material, such as stainless steel, chrome and high grade acrylic with various designs. Manufacturers have created some nice looking bug shields that not only protect your car but give it a really “cool” look. You can go to to find one that is right for your vehicle.

Last but not least, a bug shield not only helps to keep your car clean, but is also a useful safety accessory helping to maintain good visibility.

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